Ranked Apex has shown that barely anyone in this game knows how to play, especially as a team :(

I've sunk an easy couple thousand hours into Apex Legends maybe and I swear on my life, more people played together intelligently and as a squad in NORMALS than people do now in ranked. It's brutal.

At least 1/3rd of my games is either everyone drops way spread out, one person drops right next to 3 people and gets instant killed then ragequits, by some miracle we drop together and THEN one person goes head on at the enemy team 1 vs 3 solo thinking they're Rambo or you all drop together, survive for a bit, run into an enemy squad and you either have that one guy who THEN rushes them 1 vs 3 or you have that one guy who sits half the map back trying to snipe maybe hitting one shot doing nothing while the other 2 slow push 2 vs 3 because they have no choice then die.

Oh and for the love of jesus why does everyone in ranked STILL love dropping skull town or blue ring? Like you guys DO REALIZE that you get more rank points from simply surviving then dropping in a highly populated area and MAYBE getting 2 kills before being dropped? Right people do realize how ranked points work yes??

/end rant on the complete stupity of ranked apex players and how frustrating it is trying to grind up when it's pretty difficult to 1 vs 3 when your squad gets themselves wiped.

Tips to win at ranked:

  • Don't drop in populated areas
  • Squad placement is far more important than kills
  • Don't rush stupidly
  • Play with your SQUAD (You cannot rambo a fully squad usually)
  • Prioritize saving or respawning your squad over kills
  • Surviving IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN Kills
  • Don't play it like normals and hot drop with 6 other squads and run around like a chicken with your head cut off
  • Be smart

Just please for the love of god people, if you played ranked, then PLAY. TO. PROGRESS. not just get 2 kills and bounce out.

Edit: Perfect example, just dropped cascade, good drop everyone got kitted, squad decided to go after a wattson/caustic squad in BUNKER, pushed them, half killed them, got wiped by 2 other squads, came out of it with nothing but lost RP.

If you play ranked play to PROGRESS not just rack up 1 single kill.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c9zicx/ranked_apex_has_shown_that_barely_anyone_in_this/

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