Ranked playlist feels broken once you reach a certain point

Is it just me or does the ranked system feel slightly flawed? Don't get me wrong here, I love the game and I live the ranked progression, however I feel that it could be improved slightly.

I managed to get to Platinum IV, and have hit a major barrier. I know that I am nowhere near a Diamind level player, possibly even Platinum, and am completely fine with that. My gripe is the skill gap from Gold I to Platinum IV. You can literally gain 1rp and BAM, you're in another plane of existence.

Personally I would like to see a tiered introduction into each rank; I.e. if you're Platinum IV then you would play anyone whom is Gold II up to and including Platinum II. Then this can vary between ranks but would give a more balanced feel in the ranked system. Rather than being Platinum and hitting games with multiple Diamonds and Predators.

Also being able to get de-ranked would help improve the flow of the game, as if you're not meant to be in Platinum (I may well not be, which is fine) then you can play some games in Gold and go for Playinum again. I would personally prefer to de-rank as it would mean I could play some games that are more competitive or nearer my skill level.

Any thoughts on this guys? Again, I love the game and really enjoy playing it, just feel the ranked system could improve slightly

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