Rant post: out of bounds situation is unnecessary and is ruining my ranked experience

Longish post here so bear with me.

So I finally managed to rank up to diamond (after a long struggle at platinum) with randoms alone. I would go for predator if I had a good competent squad i could rely on but I admit to myself with randoms it's probably not going to happen.

I was stoked.

Plat 4 and plat 1 were the toughest. I always play solo so i decided to grind the ranked system so i would always have competent teammates, and could enjoy better games overall. However even in high plat randoms generally are quite noobish (not noobs by any means but im talking people with 150 kills on their main; not what you need to have a chance vs a premade full of 20bomb badges) and will probably go against your game plan one way or another.

But then, I managed to step up my game and finally yesterday I ranked up to diamond. Hell yeah. Surely now teammates will be on par with me and my enemies.

And for the most part they are, and now the games are a whole other experience, and it's amazing. It's what I wanted.


I played a game yesterday and my randoms were two of the SOAR streamers (amazing players, check them out on YouTube and twitch). I guess they were just warming up their shots, but one pathfindered on top of a RIDICULOUSLY HIGH mountain and sat there triple taking dudes for the whole game. I thought, whatever, props for knowing that spot I guess, and played the rest of the game with the other teammate as the pathfinder provided cover fire.

This happened again later the same day. My teammate jumptower+pathfindered on top of another mountain, abandoned me and my other teammate completely and just longbowed. I was tempted to leave but didn't want leavers penalty. I then died and watched him stay there for 15 minutes. It annoyed me, that a place could be so ridiculously broken you would willingly abandon your team and stay there for the whole game, where no one will disturb you. He placed third, I went to sleep.

This just happened again.

Pathfinder and octane went up a cliff, my dumb lifeline ass just ran around on the ground for 20 minutes. I couldn't fight anyone or I'd die, I couldn't join them as I honestly don't even know if I could, I couldn't do shit. For 20 minutes. I couldn't even leave the game. This got old very quick.

Keep in mind this was 3 completely different mountains. One between slum lakes and runoff, one next to river's end, and another near thunderdome.

These places have to be considered out of bounds. Now.
It's annoying when teammates abandon your game and go sit there, I can't even imagine how frustrating it must be to be sniped from up there. I'm all for cheeky hidden spots on the map but this is too much, man.

Now I'm scared that in order to farm points my randoms will be doing this very often. It also makes my diamond achievement basically void as this is how others are getting in these ranks, while I grinded it all the way. It's almost cheating. And I don't want it in my game.

Please, please, PLEASE make places that should be out of bounds, out of bounds.

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