Removing bunny hopping healing will lower the player base unless a compromise is provided

Taking away bunny hopping healing entirely isn't good for the games health, instead a nerf should be put into place.

This removal is catering to the casual players which make up a majority of the game, but the people who are bhop healing are some of the biggest streamers which help promote the game, and if they stop playing because they are frustrated with the direction this game is going, the casual player base will eventually follow. Nowadays, believe it or not, a games popularity is highly reflected on how many "viewers" it has on twitch. The less people watching, the less people talking about it/playing it with their friends. (they eventually forget about it, like mine and several other friend groups of mine have stated, it also reduces the amount of potential new players).

I have over 600 hours played on the game and to be honest, I've only seen maybe 2 or 3 people who have used bhop heal. I love the challenge, mechanics like these make the game MUCH more enjoyable.

There are many things that can changed to make everyone satisfied, here are my suggestions:

  • Make it so when you bunny hop heal, you only get a few jumps (3) before the momentum stops.
  • Lower the velocity at which your character travels while b-hop healing (Walking speed or slightly faster)
  • New healing item that regenerates health over time (noticeable indication that it is on, similar to octanes aura)

This game is too fast paced for how long it takes to heal, these are just a few of the ideas I came up with, if anyone else has any suggestions, leave a comment, I just don't think taking it away entirely is the correct decision.


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