Removing solos has removed most of my motivation to play this game.

With the introduction of solos I went from 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay a night when my squadmates are on to grinding solos for hours on end. I see no reason why it needed to be removed. Absolutely none. Many many people were playing and enjoying it, and now respawn just made them all quit for no reason. Theres no competitive credibility to protect by removing an unbalanced game mode because its a battle royale. The mode has absolutely 0 connection to the iron crown event. Here is the statement Respawn made about why they removed solos. "The solos LTM was successful, but it's clear refinement and iteration is needed (for example, reducing "teaming" and figuring out how to on-board new players into a less forgiving mode)" I agree that refinement is needed, some of the characters abilities are even more useless than they are in standard mode. The pre-existing character inequality is made worse in solos. That doesn't mean you have to remove the gamemode for a month while you fix it, leave it in and update the game when you have it fixed. Im really not sure what is meant by "how to on-board new players into a less forgiving mode", but I don't like the sound of it. Here are some changes that will make the new Apex player experience more enjoyable without compromising the fun of the game play.

1: Implement a hidden matchmaking system into standard and solo modes. Currently, Apex has a really weird matchmaking system in standard mode. It does enough so that you definitely know its there, but even level 1 accounts can still run into players with 5000 kills. I made a smurf account once to test it out and sure enough my first 10 matches I played almost entirely new players, but then a couple of them I died to somebody with thousands of kills. So in the first 20 or so levels it mostly works (keeping high ranked players out of newbies matches) but its only 75% effective and once you get past somewhere around rank 50 it seemingly entirely disappears. Even though there already is one there, it doesn't work, but thats still no reason to remove solos because the same people affected by a shoddy matchmaking system in solos will be affected by it in standard.

2: Improve the tutorial system. Right now the current tutorial system is very bare bones and only teaches you the abilities for one character, has no attachments for guns, and has no moving target training practice.

Please, bring back solos.


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