RP formula tweak or just me?

First off, admittedly I'm not very good. That being said, I feel like it's too easy to grind out RP points and too hard to lose them. I recently moved up to Silver and am having a hard time getting multiple kills/match. I was comfortable in bronze, by no means tearing it up, but comfortably getting a couple kills/round and able to make good contributions to my team. In silver I'm relegated to a support player which, while sometimes helpful, isn't great. The problem is I gain enough points to slowly move up through the silver rankings when I feel like I should be losing pts and be pushed back down towards Bronze. Yeah, playing at Silver for a little while longer might make me improve to an actual Silver tier player, but then I'm going to go through the same issue when I reach gold tier, which is inevitable at my current rate. Am I alone on this?

TL;DR: I think they should double, or at least increase, the amount of RP it costs to play at each tier. You should move up ranks because you are able to rack up kills and consistently finish in the top 10/top 5, not because you survive long enough to get Top 10 RP bonuses to cancel out the RP it costs to play at that tier.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cizpi8/rp_formula_tweak_or_just_me/

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