Seriously, how does SBMM work?

Why am I, 0.85 k/d 120-something level player hardstuck in mid-gold, being matched with high Plats and diamonds? (Honestly, I don't see preds that often). And after 8-15 short matches (3-8 minutes. I try to drop popular areas to learn. My record loss is 40 seconds -_-) still in these lobbies? How am I supposed to beat a squad with literally 26k kills in total? I have 0 chance to win. Sometimes maybe I get carried by others to top 5. Like, once in 7 matches. Shouldn't I be matched with other average players?

Even funnier thing is, once I get into lower skilled lobbies, I get maybe like 4 or 5 kills and almost win. And back to the slaughterhouse with diamonds. Not only I harm other, lower skilled player by accident, but I myself don't enjoy any of it.

Remove SBMM. Make it all random. It will hurt less for most people, if they know their enemies are randomly picked, and they're not being screwed by a faulty program.


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