Should Matchmaking Be Changed?

Matchmaking new players with level 100+ players isn't fair for either group. For example, I play with several different people of varying levels and have heard about each of their frustrations.

Imagine being (especially when you are a solo queuer) and you are paired with one (or worse, two) baby players. You are going to have to watch what they are doing, try to direct them, or in easier terms, babysit them. Because they are new and probably need help!

But then imagine also being a lower level player, new or fairly new, and getting matchmaked against teams of 80-100+ levels. They have more experience than you, probably know the map by heart (and therefore have map knowledge), know where the loot is, etc.

But then there is also the argument that skill matters more than level, which is true. This being taken into consideration in order to create a matchmaking system that takes players of similar skill (not talking about what Ranked says because, let's face it, most players in low platinum/high gold got there by camping or again, are solo queuers where your teammates are randomly selected and can be holding them back) and matchmaking them together. For Honor has a similar system, where even smurfs will be put in with high level players because their skill level is much to high for them to be new.

Also, others might say that this is the best way for people to learn, and maybe so. But not always. That being said, players level 1-50, 50-100, and 100+ can fit into three different categories if we were to go by level.

This becomes even more frustrating in Elite or Ranked queues. See, I am a big solo queue for both of those queues, mostly because my 2 friends (one on xbox, one on pc) will not play Elite/Ranked. All the way through to platinum, I was paired with babies. And that would be ok if it wasn't every game where I had to fight my way to platinum by thirsting kills and trying super hard to keep both myself and the babies alive.

Commence me hitting Platinum, and really hoping that maybe now would be the time I would be able to make it into Diamond with players that are on my skill level. Good teammates, yes! However, this is not the case. The first hour was me being paired with babies or campers and sometimes both. I would get gunned down and killed, look around, and both teammates are halfway across the map (even though I agreed to land where they pinged) up high and camping or hiding with pathfinders and wraiths. If you wait to see what they do, they move only when the ring does, and DC the moment they hit top three.

I get that this game is supposed to be team based, at least that's what the developers say, but it's really hard to be "team based" as a solo queuer against all the people with large friend groups or even the endless TTV groups (many of these guys are really good at the game btw but I feel like we are fodder for them).

I believe I could at least make Diamond if I had a full premade, as I work very well with my friends and even with randoms I get paired with that have at least a basic understanding of the game. But Elite (and Ranked specifically) seems geared towards the people who have premades, or the really good players. Literally impossible for a soloist to make Diamond or Predator due to not having friends or people to play with, or crazy ass shroud skills.

I admit, I'm average, maybe slightly better than average on my good days, but I would like to at least be able to make Diamond as a solo queuer from hard work. Not by leaving everything to chance on who my teammates are, whether they quit if they don't get their main, if they decide to launch solo and dc the moment they die, or just have no idea what is going on because they are new or just cant seem to grasp the game mechanics. (Again, fine if it isn't every. single. game

I was just wondering if anybody else had issues with the matchmaking? Do you think it should be changed or at least adjusted so people can be paired with and against players of similar skill? I'd like to hear what everyone else has to say! I don't know if people who are in full premades feel differently (most likely they do) or if even other soloists feel another way. I'd like to hear other people's opinions!


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