The ping limit increase seriously needs reverting.

I'm a Brit and I'm having to move further Eastwards on server locations in order to get away from the influx of Americans coming over to exploit ping and desync. I'm playing on the German server now and STILL running into Americans shouting abuse over VOIP.

Instead of increasing it, they should have decreased it. Who cares if some streamers get salty about it. They make up a miniscule minority of the player base and should not decide how the game runs.

I can already hear the "BuT tHeN i CaN't PlAy WiTh FrIeNdS" excuse welling up in the collective throats of the internet, and the response is, and? There are literally thousands of online multiplayer games out there that have superior netcoding to Tarkov's. Why should we have to deal with you be able to walk around the corner and pre-fire us before your connection to us has even registered that you moved?

Instead of it being increased to 200, it should have been reduced to 100. Keep people in their collective areas and stop people abusing an already broken netcode.

Just fought a three man on the beach on Lighthouse. Took out two of them with ease, but the third guy just ate bullets like a fat kid eating cake at an all you can eat buffet. Blood everywhere yet I had to resort to using MELEE to actually cause damage to him.

It's honestly just a joke at the moment.


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