Shoutout to all the cool randos out there

Not gonna lie, the past few weeks with this game have been extremely frustrating. The terrible audio issues and the spotty hitreg have been awful, but by far the biggest issue has been the awful/toxic random teammates. You all know the different types:

1)the bots who miss all their shots and get downed immediately and leave
2) the solo droppers who go to the hot zone no matter what then leave after they're knocked after spamming the ping button a million times
3) the children (some adults too) who throw around racist and homophobic slurs who leave as soon as they're knocked (there's a trend here)

Most of my friends have stopped playing apex, so I've been stuck playing with a combination of these trash teammates as I try to grind through ranked. However, that changed this afternoon. What a refreshing experience to play with a few different people who used the mic respectfully, shared loot, handled their 1v1s and actually made playing this game an enjoyable experience for once (the wins helped too). These diamonds in the rough reminded me how great this game can be under the right circumstances. If you're someone who plays this way, respect to you. I hope to run into you guys on Xbox one day.


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