Assessing the status of the lines I’m grinding

Hey everyone. I've been really pushing to grind out as many tank lines as possible. I have 39 tanks that I'm currently working on. I know that this isn't the way a lot of you do this, but I did notice two things.

1) I notice that the XP to unlock a tank can be different depending on the line yo go down. I just searched and apparently this has been discussed before, but maybe some of you (like me) didn't know this. An example, the Ferdinand costs 77,500 credits to unlock if you go through the Jpanther, but costs 2X as many credits if you go through the TigerP.

2) I have a few blue prints in tanks lines that are almost complete. For example, I have 6 blueprints for the Czech line. I only have the TVP left, so I guess I should convert it to use it (since there are no other tanks to unlock). I think the only reason to save these would be if there were more Czech tanks coming to the game in the future. Are there any nations with new tanks planned for release?

Just a couple things i noticed. hope this help and maybe someone can tell me whats planned for future nation releases.


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