Since there is no Question thread in this sub sorry for making a post about that. (please don’t reply)

I don't need any replys on this thread, because every single one will be stupid advice to not leave games. I just wanted to make the topic.

So I accidentally quit a ranked game again. I just didn't mean it bad or anything i just didn't think about it and before i even noticed what happens my automatism from normal games just made me quit a ranked game. I would have loved to rejoin the game. But, as we know, even after all this time there is still no reconnect feature.

Well, anyway.. What i want to say -Almost every week I accidentally quit a game because i didn't really think about it and automatism just made it happen. I have now an abandon Penalty for 1435 hours (last time it was 12 hours lol). So iam basically banned from the entire game including all game modes for almost 60 days.

It's not like i try to hurt anyone with my leave or i did it out of toxicity. The progress of quitting a game costs me ~ 0.5 seconds. There are so many ways from preventing people from accidentally quit the game, just make a 5 seconds timer before you actually leave the game where you have chance to abond the quit…Ye anyway i'll just play one an other account i never spend any money on apex anyway.


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