Small change for people who back out when they’re down?

Lately I've been queued with teammates who decide they want to hot drop, and I'm all for it sometimes, so I go with them. But once they get downed, they back out of the game before they even have a chance to be revived.

So my question is, could you guys implement a new "penalty" feature for when you're downed? If you back out, you receive a small penalty. Maybe not a timed temp ban but maybe the next game you play, you won't have a teammate. Or maybe something super small like you don't get first pick for a legend.

Maybe instead of a penalty, when you open any kind of menu screen, there could be a live xp counter that shows how much xp you're earning. That might give a little bit of incentive to stay in the game. And if you back out of the match, maybe a warning message shows, stating: "If you leave this match, you will not earn this xp" And it shows the amount of xp you've currently earned and would be losing.

IDK. Just a thought. Accepting ideas.


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