So just to clarify things between people who think Crypto is a bad person just based off personality and dialgoue.

Let me get this out of the bag. Crypto is definitely NOT a bad person. I see a lot of fanfics or people saying that he's an asshole just because of how he looks and what he says to Mirage. They even say he has some dialogue where he calls enemies "idiots". When in reality, he was actually a pretty chill dude before he joined the Games. He and his step sister Mila Alexander tried to find a way to regain Crypto's life back again and restart it. But in that, he discovered something regrettable. A prediction algorithm of the Apex games which determines who could be the winner. Mila saw this as an opportunity to get a lot of money to reset Crypto's life and bring him back again. But Crypto saw this as a huge risk as they both could die. Unfortunately, that's what happened. Mila ignored Crypto's warnings and decided to do it herself just to save Crypto. But she got captured or presumably killed by the Syndicate. Crypto heard about this and he had to run. He needed to break the truth to the world. He needed to expose the Syndicate to the world. He joined the Apex Games to find more about the truth whilst staying in the shadows. He has to do all of this with a tear in his eye as he doesn't even have anyone else to go to but his foster mom, Mystik. Other than that, he had no one. He lost his step-sister, his parents are missing or dead, and he definitely had no friends.

Also, he is definitely not truly a bad or an evil dude. If you were trying to fix your life but then it cost the life of your own sibling, would you be pissed? Would you be angry? Of course you would. He has to run from being killed even though he just witnessed his sister gone missing. He has no other family other than his foster mom, Mystik, to help him. So yeah, Crypto isn't a bad person. He's just a lost man looking for a fresh start in life but got caught up in much more trouble than before. He does all this with a broken mind.


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