So many players plateauing on ranked mode so early.

I’m gold level 1 right now and it’s been so hard to reach platinum, the most important thing is having a good squad, playing randoms will mostly be failures. I thought as my self being good at the game but man I’m coming across some incredible players including some of my friends, I get carried sometimes but i keep getting better.

I’ve played in diamond with other friends and to be honest the skill gap is insane, but I don’t mind it I love challenges. It’s fun and feel good to kill diamond level players, I can’t wait to reach it.

It’s disheartening at times when you can get past a level or even worse when you get demoted in levels. That just kills you, I can see many many players just get stuck and not being able to climb up.

I saw many post with the MATH of how people could just camp their way and they are so far from being right, well…… maybe the math is right but I don’t think there are people that can handle so much hiding and heartbreak of just getting destroyed in higher levels.

Respawn actually did a great job at how points work, only thing I could add to that is 1 point per every 500 damage. That’s about it.



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