Is B-Hop Removal REALLY that bad?

I think people are over exaggerating the b-hop removal but can understand to an extent why it's aggravating, here's why.


– B-Hopping requires skill to do, which then imposes more of an advantage for those who take the time in the game.

– Insanely reliable for avoiding 3rd Parties.


– Devs said a few months ago that this was an unintended exploit in the game and it wasn't something they wanted to happen.

– You can still bhop (actually seems faster) w/o weapons equipped, just not healing. You're still able to get 1-2 decent b-hops off before you're slowed.

At the end of the day, as much as I liked being able to hop away from fights to reset, if the devs claimed it was an unintended exploit in their game, it should be respected.


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