Solo players are ruining this game

I’m so sick of playing with a random that just takes off on their own. I literally just finished a match and had to make this post…

Let me start by saying this; WE WON THE MATCH… I played with two randoms, one was using mic so it wasn’t terrible, until.. the guy playing pathfinder just started running off on his own like he’s shroud. The guy with a mic and myself decided that we should just stay with him so we don’t lose the game too soon. Long story short, we won the match and this pathfinder turned his mic on and said “GG even though you guys stole all my kills…” FIRST OFF every battle we got in he initiated himself, alone. The other guy and I KEPT saving this dudes ass. Then he has the audacity to say we stole kills. WE WERE SAVING YOU!! I’m sure I’m not the only one playing with these solo wannabe players.

It’s different if you can handle yourself in a 1v3. Bit this guy clearly couldn’t, then got mad at us at the end of the match. Mad grrs here. Fucking solo players -.-


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