Some Ideas For Apex

I’m no game developer and I have no clue how well any of my ideas will work in game, but I think they sound interesting enough. I think it would be cool if Apex had a similar system to Fortnite where if someone was downed you could pick them up and carry them to safety. Hear me out, yes this would be copying Fortnite, but I feel like it’s a very good mechanic. This could make the legendary knockdown a better item as if your teammate picks you up and hides you, you could actually use the self-revive. I also think it would be nice for the fact that in Fortnite you can build to protect downed players, but you can’t in Apex so this could act as a way to help downed players get away without getting insta finished. Another idea I had would be to have a 20 v 20 / 30 v 30. I think this is a much more realistic idea that could actually happen in the game as an event or a limited time mode. That is all, please leave some feedback to let me know what you think. Sorry for any grammar / spelling errors as I’m sure there are some.


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