Something happened to my dad’s Apex account, and EA had ZERO clue how to fix it.

My dad finished playing a match of duos last night and when he returned to the main menu, his game crashed to desktop with no warning or error. After he tried to launch the game again, it showed the intro video, and then would show the loading logo for about 2 seconds and then crashed to desktop.

He kept trying for like half an hour, we restarted, repaired the game, reinstalled origin, reinstalled the game, and nothing wroked. Then he asked me to log onto his PC and try my account, and the game loaded just fine. So he logged into my PC and the game crashed there too, so at this point we were stumped.

We contacted EA support and they told us to clear App/ProgramData for Origin, restart and then reinstall Origin and stated that this works every time, however it didn't. So this morning we told them that and they gave us the exact same steps + perform a Windows 10 Network Reset. Didn't work.

I even tried making another Origin account on his computer and logged in with that, and the game loaded absolutely fine.

So I contacted them again and was firm in explaining that I can't make use of any of their generic scripted tech support advice and need actual help regarding my dad's account, and that it's nothing on my end because the game crashes on load regardless of what system he logs into. I told him all that and he proceeded to try and give me nearly the exact same steps AGAIN. But, that gave me the idea, the only thing synced between mine and his PC would be a cloud save. I disabled cloud saves and (luckily) the latest local save file was dated yesterday morning, and reverting to that save allowed him to log in again.

I don't understand what could have caused a cloud save corruption that would make someone completely unable to log in, but the fact that EA couldn't handle that is scary, and it makes me wonder what if there was someone who wasn't knowledgeable about disabling the cloud save feature, or if the local save was just as corrupted as the cloud save. Maybe Respawn needs their own support team?


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