Something I think should be addressed before Solos goes away…

I've had this on my mind after playing a good amount of Solos during over the last couple of weeks. And that issue is how strong Pathfinder is solos, purely based on his abilities. I envisioned an issue similar in mind when the game initially launched back in February. The issue I foresaw was that if solos was a thing in Apex, it would slowly develop into people realizing that certain legends would fare better, because their abilities are more self-sufficient and do really well for solo play. While I was wrong at first thinking that the legend that would end up rising to dominance being Lifeline/Bangalore for the self healing and the passives, it turned out to be Pathfinder.

To keep this short, Pathfinder has way more mobility than anyone else in the game allowing the player to get into better position to engage a fight or to disengage from one. This is significantly faster than annoy else in the game. It's a little annoying in my eyes that if you run into a Pathfinder and are able to get a decent amount of damage on them, they can just Grapple and immediately put themselves above you or in a position of advantage like no one else can do or match unless it's another Pathfinder.

While I could be wrong in thinking Pathfinder isn't that effective in solos (Respawn has those number), I don't think it's a coincidence that I've been seeing more and more Pathfinders in my solo games. I think everything else in Solos (especially the loot pool) is either fine, except for Pathfinder's strengths and prevalence.

I could be entirely off base here, but I'd be interested in what other people/Respawn Devs think.


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