Apex’s downed/kill system is flawed for a BR and it needs to change.

Ok let me explain and I'll try to keep this post brief, so will just make it easy by making points.

1. What is the one of the most annoying things in Apex?
When a teammate immediately leaves after being downed.

  1. Why is this a bad thing?
    Because it puts you and your remaining teammates (if any) at a severe disadvantage for the rest of the game. Especially annoying since this tends to happen at the start of the game.

1. Why does the teammate immediately leave?
Because A) takes too long to respawn (Grab box, find beacon that is available on the map, respawn 10 sec) and B) the high-speed "action" the user is after immediately is diminished after being downed.

  1. There seems to be no incentive to stay on as it is easier and faster to leave and join another lobby, rather than waiting to get respawned.

Potential Solution:
1. First, remove the need to recover banners of your teammates.
There is no need for this feature and if anything it is such a big disadvantage as you will need to go back to where your teammate died, where there probably still is fighting going on, and recover it all in a limited time.

  1. Secondly, time to respawn needs to be reduced drastically.
    By this, I mean the whole process. If you write down the steps it's far too much needed and time consuming to revive someone, especially if it's a "random". In return, to respawn might be more risky (however they want to implement that).

  2. Finally, engage the killed player more. The player needs to know it's "not over".
    By this I mean, instead of relying on your teammates to revive you, why not implement some sort of system to allow your killed teammates to revive themselves. At this point it's too easy to point to Call of Duty's "Gulag" system – however I think a hybrid innovative form of that could greatly benefit the playing experience of Apex.

Ok it wasn't that brief.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/hiy7j5/apexs_downedkill_system_is_flawed_for_a_br_and_it/

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