Spent 60 bucks on a free game before this event, and gladly. It’s great fun. I am not giving another penny until any of the current issues are addressed.

This is just tonight's experience:

Solos: I got a streak of 3 disconnects in a row. Before that, I had the pleasure of a disconnect literally (and I despise the incorrect use of that word) every other game.

Then, I try squads. First two attempts, BOTH squadmates disappear. Perhaps all 4 of them were suddenly busy, or mad that someone picked their character, but I think that disconnecting may also be a very plausible reason. The next few attempts saw the same 1/2 success rate of even connecting. Then there's the usual rate of individual squadmates disconnecting or leaving immediately.

All in all, about 2 out of 3 games I join or attempt to join turn into non-games.

WHAT in the WHAT is being done with all this money they obviously have? I'm usually pretty tolerant of issues like this, but now it seems like more than half of playing this game is just being kicked back out to the main screen. I will not spend any more money on this game, or on any title even remotely related to EA until this is addressed. For now, you've lost another customer. Is that enough for motivation? Why hasn't this happened with literally any multiplayer game I've played since 2004? /rant

Edit: Just realized I didn't even address the ridiculous (as in, worthy of ridicule) pricing for the new event, after all that cool stuff was marketed like hell. Yikes. I feel like this really shits on people who look forward to playing this after work and whatever other obligations, players with limited time. And I still manage to play a good amount because it's been a heap of fun so far.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cqj5q7/spent_60_bucks_on_a_free_game_before_this_event/

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