Suggestion-Evolving character skins

I made a comment on a post earlier and mentioned evolving skins as a concept and it got a small amount of attention.

Now, this idea would be somewhat similar to the evolving Havoc skins we currently have.

Let’s assume at the start of a game, we have everyone’s favourite big boi, Gibby.

He starts the game off with his flak suit or whatever it’s called fully intact, after a fight, he gets hit a few times and it gets dirty.

As the game goes on it progressively gets more destroyed, by the end of the game (assuming you win), it’s have full on parts missing from it, his arm guard would be destroyed and parts of the suit would be peeling away.

This concept could also go the other way and as the character gets better gear, or gets more kills they evolve their look.

Example what people think was cool,

Pathfinder starts off a game with a basic looking skin, after a kill, part of his body “transforms” slightly and starts glowing, maybe it gets spikes on it.

The more kills you get with him, the cooler the skin gets, by the end of the game with 7+ kills, he looks like a badass war machine and his grapple arm basically looks like a harpoon launcher.

Furthermore, characters could get dirtier when they approach then end. Wraith could get dirt on her face and her evolving skin could become a darker colour with a few blood splatters on it.

Octane could have one where he progressively gets more “robotic” like his legs, Bangalore could have one where her clothing and ballistic vest parts get tattered/ripped. Lifeline could go the same way and her drone could get more battered as the game goes on.

There is so much cool stuff in could do with evolving character skins it’s crazy, it’d make the extortionate store prices worth it, or we could have them as challenge rewards for people who dedicate time to a single character.

They could range from stupidly humours (like Caustic starts leaking cosmetic gas when shot instead of blood) to serious with the character looking hurt/battered.



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