The 5 Things Apex Needs to Survive (And Thrive)

I'm just going to throw this out there into the wilds of reddit and pray someone at Respawn sees this and goes, "Ya know, kids got a point." After 300+ hours logged in Apex, and literally hundreds of days in FPS going all the way back to Quake 1, I'd like to think I'm not talking out of my ass, but who knows. Here goes.

  1. Matchmaking – We should be paired with like-skilled and like-leveled characters. Our ability to win a game should not be dictated by RNGJesus because Lil'Peter'Skeeter just made a new account, doesn't know how to play, and is on my team. A competitive matchmaking and ranking system from Overwatch would fit in perfectly here and remove, in part, the luck-factor that decides far more games than it should. I'd also put 'Leaderboards' (Bronze, Silver, etc) under this category as well.
  2. Duo's and Solos – If you can't give us the above, at least give us more control over it by adding smaller queues, or let me just go at it alone. We're tired of being paired with trolls, leavers, newbies, and pariahs.
  3. Leaver Penalty's – Steal the League of Legends system and be done with it. People stop rage quitting pretty quick when they can't re-queue for 30 minutes (or days). Magically, overnight, your leaver problem is solved or, at worst, drastically reduced. As an added bonus, your tryhards from TTV stop hot-dropping, going for as many kills as they can to pad their fake stats and quitting to re-queue as soon as they die.
  4. Content – Broad statement, I know, but it should be obvious by now that leveling after 100 is unfulfilling. The lack of rewards, loot boxes, incentives to keep playing is killing the game. Similarly, the currency system is silly. Why do I have thousands and thousands of this stuff I literally can't do anything with? Give me something to buy! If there's no competitive scene to strive for, I fall back to cosmetics or loot rewards. Having neither, winning becomes the only point in playing which, per point #1, has worse odds than the Craps tables in Vegas and gives you nothing even if you do.
  5. Game Modes We have a single map and a single game mode. As you could imagine, that could tend to get stale after a while, particularly after re-queuing dozens of times an hour due to #1 and #3 above. There needs to be some kind of variety, some spice to keep things interesting and break the monotony. There have been countless threads on this and it feels like it should be easy enough to implement which would help stave off the hounds until you're ready to release more content.

I know this is work, and work takes time, but we're out here dying on the front with no word from HQ. We need some changes and we need them relatively quickly.

Thanks for reading.


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