The Account Stats page is broken

There are many obvious discrepancies in the stats that are tracked.

  1. my lifetime assists are at 27 (688 games played) which is the same as my season 2 assists (96 games played)

  2. I have 32 top 5 finishes in lifetime, which is the same as my season 2 top 5 finishes.

  3. Teammates respawned is the same on both

  4. Longest win streak is the same on both (I know for sure me and 2 others had a 4 win streak once. It was unforgettable)

  5. Highest kills is the same on both (not positive if I’ve had more than 8 kills in my lifetime, but it’s a safe bet considering the other discrepancies and the fact I’ve played 688 games vs 96 season 2 games)

Not only are things not being tracked properly, but the K/D ratio is stuck at 1.1 for me on all 3 trackers.

I have 61 kills: 33 deaths in ranked, k/dr is 1.1
1173 kills: 650 deaths in lifetime, k/dr is 1.1
129kills: 84 deaths in season 2, kd/t is 1.1

I’m so confused by the whole thing I don’t know what is accurate at all. I don’t know if ranked series 1 is included in season 2 or if they are separate. I don’t even know if my lifetime trackers are really from the beginning of this game or if they added it sometime later.

Because we are unable to trust the stats, the page does not fulfill its purpose. In fact, it’s almost meaningless.


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