The Alternator needs some love: Alternator Buff Proposal

TL:DR – Make the Alternator the FNG's favorite gun. Make it the easiest thing on the planet to use.

Disclaimer: In no way am I a professional weapon balancer, nor do I know if this is feasible, I just play games and I like to write things no one actually cares about.

The Alternator is a cool concept, left and right barrels fire independently, it looks really cool, and has some great skins, but its garbage. I'd rather have a Re45 and a Mozambique than this thing. If I could click faster I'd pick up a P2020 over it too. I think it needs a buff cause I'd love to see it in late/middle game because it's just so unique.

So here's my proposal: Make this gun the simplest thing on the planet to use. Point and Click, that's it.

  • Keep the current damage and RPM to keep it balanced. (Also no need to tweak bolt animation)
  • Negligible recoil, almost nothing, goes up only.
  • Fastest ADS speed, Reload and Swap time out of all the SMGs. (Nerf the Prowler and R99 here a bit if you have to, they likely need it.)
  • The hip-fire is already pretty moderate so I think that's fine. (Though again, not an expert.)
  • The range should be less than R301 by just a bit. (It may already be this way idk I haven't use the gun too much.)
  • It should be incredibly accurate. The bullets never deviate, always right where your cursor is.

I think these steps will bump it up in the meta. The R99 is all about DPS, the R301 is so average in everything its above average, the HAVOC shreds with the right hop-up same as the Prowler. The LMGs have the mag size to wipe whole teams. I think the Alternator needs its place too. I think that place is the newcomer-friendly gun. I think these buffs will make it easier to bring new people into Apex, as they have something specifically for them to be comfortable with as they learn the game while not ruining the experience for everyone else.

Thanks for reading! Get them Wins!

And if the Devs see this: I'm just writing this because I had nothing else to do. You're the boss and I don't want to act all high and mighty and tell you how to improve your masterpiece. Thank you for all your hard work!


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