The amount of people leaving the match shortly after screwing over their team is disgusting.

I mean seriously.

It’s a team based game and everyone expects to land in the worst locations to split up, and then abandon their two teammates.

I mean the game is made to play in a team of three. You aren’t supposed to be dying one after another because you weren’t working together in the first place and bow you are trying to pull off a 1v3.

I mean it’s getting to be that almost every match I play that isn’t with a pre-made team, the outcome is the same. Teammates steal each other’s loot, use zero communication, and then eventually the one guy with a decent kit pulls his white shielded team into a 4 squad shit show. The only teammate with a chance of survival is always the first to go down and then they leave the game before even getting killed.

It’s truly sickening to see so many people think that everyone else in the game is the problem and reason for never winning, but the real reason is that nobody could even stop and think to use their fucking teammates to their advantage.

Your squad isn’t there to try and clutch and save you after you’ve dealt 500+ damage to a squad. It’s a team effort and you are al supposed to work together to achieve success. You aren’t supposed to be beating your teammates to loot and you definitely shouldn’t lead them to death just because you want some action and you happen to be ready to fight.

Rant over


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