The chokepoints on this map are disgustingly bad, they really need to change this.

It has never been SO easy to gatekeep than it is now. I swear 90% of the fucking rotations are chokepoints and its SO easy for players to hear you fighting and just fucking hold highground in the choke/safe from the storm. Its so fucking horrible man.

Like just look at this shit????

There is ONE rotation into/out of Capitol that isn't QUITE a chokepoint (but still basically is) and some of them are REALLY bad and you will lose 9/10 times if you get caught there and don't rotate early. Like if you get stuck at fuel depot/sorting factory and need to rotate into Capitol or get stuck outside of a tunnel, good fucking luck.

Please Respawn, stop promoting such safe gameplay. Stop finding ways to make long range/sniper rifles STILL the best weapons, don't make early rotations basically required and punish storm fighting so heavily. It's just so fucking boring.


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