The new teaser theory – Crypto may be the protagonist in Apex Legends

This new teaser made me look back at the story and realise how it has all been connected to Crypto at this point:

  • At the end of season 1, Crypto broke down the repulsor tower to cause enough chaos to sneak in and gain access to King's Canyon to find secrets hidden by the syndicate.

  • At the end of Season 2, we learned that Crypto had found secrets within Singh labs (Wraith's labs on the map). Crypto wanted to find out the truth, so he hacked into the system and put his name amongst the top competitors to be shortlisted to be a new Apex Legend.

  • In the season 3 trailer, we saw Crypto had already infilitrated the games and was going undercover as an Apex Games contender. He was seen exploring the caves around World's Edge, still looking for more secrets.

  • In the season 4 trailer, we saw nothing about Crypto, and the story sort of diverted to Hammond Robotics. Maybe we'll learn more about that in the future.

  • Now, the new teaser showcases an ARES divison access card for Singh's labs. I believe it's designed to be a continuation of Crypto's search for the truth. These cards may take us back to the lab and we may find out more behind the sinister syndicate and those they associate with.


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