German Superheavies

Tank collector here, and it is with great shame that I admit that I dont have any German superheavies, two of which are great classics of this game as well as fan favorites, at least they were when they were in their prime. I have ever since I unlocked my first tier X wanted to get one of the German heavies, and I am now at a point where I have gotten to tier 8 in all German heavy lines, so it is just about making the choice of which I am going to go for.

In the current climate goldspam is a real thing, and everyone know that the German tanks gets slayed by HEAT-rounds. I am not looking for the strongest tank to get at tier X over all, but I would like to ask any of you who might have one or more of the German heavies if they are at all worth it, and is so which one and for what reason. I am gravitating towards the E100 due to its alpha and slight mobilityadvantage over the Maus, and I am favorable towards the Maus due to its better overall armor and the fact that it is in fact a real tank, which appeals to me as a collector.



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