The Reconnect Feature: why it doesn’t live up to the hype

Alright so two things before I start:

1: I’m on my phone so sorry if I mess any spelling up or stuff.
2: I have pretty good internet when it decides to to work.

Okay. Let’s get started. finger snap

When I heard that Respawn was adding a reconnect feature I was hype. Too many games had been lost because of lagging out or getting the “connection to server had timed out” things. I thought it was gonna be great.

It was not great.

In season 5, I lag out a lot. Way more than I should. Like it’s almost every single game for me which is absolutely ridiculous. It’s not my internet, because literally every single device in my house works fine. It’s jus my PS4 and Apex that decides it’s time to take a break. That’s my first issue. I lag out way too much and there’s no reason to why it’s happening this much more often.

My second thing is that when my internet does decide to work again, I don’t even have an option. It just automatically throws me back into the game, even if I died and the rest of my squad didnt. It also takes FOREVER to reconnect, in which I could’ve already started a new game. Because of this, I’ve lagged out of ranked games and then as soon as I log back im already downed and my squad dies. Since I was technically in the game when my squad died, i don’t get loss forgiveness and I lose RP, even though I was disconnected.

Also, if you’re downed and I disconnect, there’s nothing you can do. Once you get milked, you go to spectate an AFK person. In ranked, that’s dumb as fuck. Like I kind of get it, but like imagine having to spectate an AFK person who’s not even online anymore just so you don’t get a mini ban or something dumb. Normally, you’d just be dead and can move on to another match. This wastes everyone’s time.

Now obviously, the first step is to see what the hell is wrong with my internet. It’s literally never been this bad any other time.

The second step is to either make reconnect optional or have a button that says “reconnect to last match” that you could press after you DC. That way if I don’t want to get back into that match, I can just start a new one.

This needs fixed. It’s wasting everyone’s time.


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