Things that were revealed in the trailer

If you haven't seen the new season 3 trailer, go watch that before reading this. The things I listed here might be new features or new mechanics.

So, there were some things that looked like new features in Apex . Obviously we're getting a new map, that was said by the characters in there with the whole "New Planet thing."

Another thing I saw was possibly an landing animation. When Wattson landed, a field of electricity was put on the ground, which could indicate new animations for landing. They could be event rewards or landing animations.

When Wraith and Octane was fighting, we saw Wraith exit a portal and hit Octane. As Octane falls back, Watson jumps out of a separate Wraith portal to kick Octane. I think that we might get team finishers from that as well.

Speaking of Octane, we see him jump onto a Geyser and shot up in the air. There are two things that this could be. They could be a built in jump pad for players to get shots in the air, or they could be replacing the drop towers in the new map.

As for information on Crypto, there were a few things I caught in the trailer. At the beginning, in Crypto's room, we can see he has a South Korean pillow, which means he's Korean. Also, his Heirloom might be his drone, because we see him use his drone as a knife against Bloodhound.

If you think I missed anything, please leave it in the comments below.


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