This is the worst update this game has ever gotten.

Havoc and Devotion:

Devotion was dropped from 44 bullets to 36, this is fine considering how stupid this gun could be just left clicking.

Havoc was dropped from 32 to 24. What in the actual fuck kind of drugs is Respawn on? Havoc now can't go past 24 bullets, REQUIRES A LEGENDARY HOPUP TO FUNCTION LATE GAME, can only stack 60 rounds and there's literally 0 reason to take it over an R301 now (which is an easier to use gun [no recoil], has easier to find ammo and can get 28 bullets.)



You can no longer edit Source engine. Kinda lame considering how bad the muzzle flash is and there's also other things that you could edit that were simply QoL. At least they've answered that they weren't allowed muzzle flash removal/reduction (even though so many people editing their config should raise concern that maybe Respawn is wrong here)

Also ANYONE could take 30 seconds to edit their cfg, it wasn't an exploit and it wasn't an advantage because it was readily available to ALL players. Its no ones fault if they didn't want to change their CFG.

Also capped FPS isn't working anymore which is adding huge input lag with FPS variations because this game is optimized like shit and you can go from 110 to 170 by turning 90 degrees.

BHOP Healing Removed.

Why? Because bad players complained that good players were outplaying them because they actually care?

I truly don't understand the decision to remove bunny hop healing. Also no, its not a fucking exploit.

When you remove skill ceiling from a game, especially a PVP game, you reduce the lifespan of a competitive players' interest in the game. Things like bunny hop healing in this game, Smash Combos, Riven animation cancels etc are all things that add skill ceiling to their respective games and keeps players engaged.

Why do you think all the most popular champions in LoL (the biggest game in the world) are difficult champions? Its because learning is FUN. They like to CHALLENGE themselves. If you put 100 hours into a champion you should smash someone with 5 hours on that champion but removing skill ceiling lessens that which makes no sense to me.

If you play Fortnite for 250 hours you're gonna smash a new player. Thats what skill ceiling is. It makes you invest time and in exchange you improve.

Good luck having a competitive future Apex.

Hipfire while sliding removed/reduced.

If you try and hipfire while sliding down a hill your hipfire will just be trash.



Why'd you have to change the entire deathbox layout? Were you really that lazy that instead of fixing the Gear section you just deleted it and mushed everything together? Yikes.

These are just the things I can think of but man holy fuck this patch feels bad. It had good changes for sure but at what cost? The game feels like shit now. The main selling point of Apex that it had extremely fluid and fast paced gameplay but…what does it have now? Its just a BR shooter.


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