THE beginners’ guide – (for noobs by noob)

Hi everyone, my name is Sten and I am a n00b in EFT.

I am level 25, less than 350 hours in game (including afk crafting) and less than 2 month of playing in general.

And I came with this guide for absolute newbie players, that just started the game, cause thats the path I have made by myself and its still fresh in my mind – the mistakes I made, guides I read, videos and streamers I saw. You shall learn a very controversial info in this guide, and many old players might not like it, but this is purely based on my experience and a relative success I have made in this period.

The trigger to write this was a true "zero-to-hero" raid I had yesterday, and I think this is the moment i start being a "rockie", instead of a total noob. A raid, that started with no gear, with PP-9, ended with 4 full geared PMC and 2 cultists kill on "Customs" at night.

And the main reason for this guide, is my feeling, that there are one major point is always missed in all those streamers and other players guides. And the point is – THE most important thing to progress in EFT, is not money / gear / loot strategic or map knowledge, but to overcome the FEAR of a fight engagement. That is very similar to PUBG, but here we have a lot more to lose for each raid.

How can we train this? the offline mode with insane bots is fine, but not enough. Our fear of engagement based deep inside on an instict level, and cant be overcomed by a bot training, cause our brain still knowns, that its not the real situation.

So my 1st and the most critical suggestion – ignore the scav karma, and kill everything that moves on Your scav runs! Scav runs has random weapon and gear – this will train you both engagement and different weapon types gameplay and will slowly train the brain to concentrate and fight back, instead of sneaking, stealing loot and prey to not to be detected. Best map to train this is "Intercharge" – you mostly spawn inside the mall, surrounded by scavs, and just start hunting down everything you hear around. EFT is built the way, that even a simple weapon with bad bullets still have a chance against a geared player, while your tactic actions are correct. During the scav runs, you face both AI and a real players (and at the beginning its hard to understand which one is which) and this is great, cause you train your brain to potentially play against a real players, with low investment risk, and high PVP rate.

2nd thing is way more obvious – you can make a lot of money from cheap "no-to-low" gear runs. But the tweak is – do not use pistols! always run with PP-9 "klin" as soon as you can afford it, and this will allow you to shredd the AIs and still get a chance against low-to-mid geared PMCs.

My usual setup for cheap runs is : no gear+PP-9+UMKA rig with 4 magazines for pure loot runs and scav kills only, with understanding that I'll die in 9 of 10 situations against PMCs. Best places are – "Reserve" or "Customs" during the night, or same setup (later on) with lvl 3 helmet and lvl 4 armor, and a scav bag. This will allow to kill a low skilled PMCs and loot his precious meta guns.

3rd ,and, maybe the most obvious – loot every jacket you see. The most money you get is from sudden marked room key, you get from those jackets all the time. This brought me over 8M rubles in less than a month from my start as an absolute beginner. And this will allow you to freely run and lose the fight with lvl3 helmet / lvl 4 armor and some mid range weapon setup (70-90k) in future.

And the last thing – make quests at least until the Peacekeeper level 3 (with at least lvl 2 of other vendors) – the reason is, that the bullets from peacekeeper with low-to-mid budget weapon setup is way cheaper, than on flea, and in some point, the bullets cost you around 20-30% of your raid gear :).

I really hope, I could help at least one guy out there, and will be happy to answer the questions.


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