This Quest System is Ruining my Apex Experience/Fun

This is a salty post but I'll show my reasons behind it.

First of all I bought the pass so there is money involved ( little but it is) AND I play the game a decent amount 1-3 hours per day with my friends and I really want to complete it, yet sometimes I can't finish a daily and some weeklies I think I'll never be able to finish them.

It all ends with this thought: "I don't think I'll be able to reach the maximum Battle Pass Level and High rank and im pretty sure with the old system I would be way further/"happier" than I am now"

Now what frustrastes me and my friends that I play with (and some of you):

  1. Apex is a team based game yet the quest promote a solo gameplay because there isn't an assist system.

  2. Many quests conditions are met until your teammate steals it (ASSIST SYSTEM!!!!)

  3. Many quests makes us play an unfun playstyle and some of them reduces the winning chance.

  4. The chase/frustation to complete these quests makes the game not fun and you start losing more.

  5. Forcing to play with certain weapons/characters/SCENARIOS really promotes trolling and bad decision making and stupid plays just to achieve…a quest.

  6. Finisher quests, if the enemy dcs it doesn't count

  7. Kill quests-" oh please lemme kill plz don't shoot or shoot until they are nearly dead. I have a 3.5 KDA and sometimes i can't get a kill yet i have a big dmg counter, maybe because I'm playing more defensive or someone stole or I'm using a sh*t weapon.

  8. Ranked – OH BOY sole purpose of playing ranked – Climb the Ladder, play your best, make the best decisions, kill + get #1. Gring Grind Grind the Ladder yet these quests takes an oposite direction of that ( force a scenario use a weapon that doesn't fit, play mirage in plat LUL, bad decision = less winning rate).

  9. Content – IMO is a low effort one but content creators can comment on this.

  10. Playing with Friends- quets are so diverse that we are playing diferent games there no unity on what we are doing everyone is forcing a play to get their own results.

  11. Stupid quests- everyone had them not going to name THEM (they are many) the end frustration.

Sorry for the rant I had to take this out of my chest I don't think I'm the only one, I want to complete the BP and reach diamond+ but these 2 together don't mix since, like many people, 1-3h gameplay isn't enough to fufill both.


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