Thoughts On New Duos Mode


As someone who only has a reliable second & always has to play with what seems like the BOTTOM of the list when it comes to randoms, I’m so happy that we finally got duos. However, i’m upset about two main things.

It sucks that it says limited time. I really hope they make this a permanent mode especially for those of us who struggle to have a reliable third. Of course I know this plays a role in my second point, but I would love to see ranked duos. I mainly play ranked so when you have a terrible third that automatically has you starting off in a rough position (sorry I’m not a solo god like some of you). I think with ranked duos i could almost be a whole rank higher than where I am now.

Do y’all think duos will stick around? If so, think they might add a ranked duos mode or maybe an option within ranked to go trio or duo?

Edit: Also let me know about y’all’s duos experience! Unfortunately haven’t been able to play yet :/


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