To make better skins, Legends need to be given distinct features

One of the biggest complaints in Apex is the lackluster skins. Not only is the game first person, so you’ll barley see it, they just aren’t that impressive. A spacesuit for Bangalore? A straight jacket and bald head for Wraith? There’s plenty of community skins that would have been far better. But, I think one of the reasons that the skins are so bad is that each character needs to be recognizable.

In games like Fortnite. A person’s skin doesn’t matter as it has no effect on gameplay. In Apex, you have to be able to recognize each one. That’s one of the main reasons the skins are so bad. That’s why each character should have a feature that should be recognizable even from a distance. For example, always have Bangalore’s smoke launcher primed on her shoulder. Or Gibraltar having a glowing shield on his back. This will allow the devs to go as crazy as they want with the skins. They could make Bangalore look like a zombie, a ghost, anything. Because all they’d need to keep intact would be the smoke launcher


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