Touching a sensitive topic

I might be in minority here but I think removing bhops is kinda good. In a way it levels up the playing field. Yes you could say that the skill cap is reduced but it shouldn't be that bad thing. All it means that casual players will have better time enjoying the game. And skilled players who are already good at the game just have to adapt to the new environment. If you can't bhop anymore then don't put yourself in a situation where u are forced to do so. Pick a fight more strategically and fight in a group. While you heal let another teammate cover you.

The only downside for this is that grenades might be abused. Since you can't move fast while u heal, you are just sitting duck for nades.

And also 3rd party would become even more stressful since you can't bhop away and heal and reengage the fight. I guess you have to kill your first opponent faster or just retreat and don't take a long fights.

I feel like with no bhopping, players are forced to play more strategically and nobody wants that. It's fps not a strategy game.


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