Ttk < Kills

1- How many games have you won with 1 kill, not counting the ones were a guy on the squad has 20 kills getting carried, but you know a game where everyone has 1 or 2 kills?

2- How come most of the times when bullets don't reg is where the guy you shoot at kills you and when you spectate him he always happens to have a higher number of kills than you.

3- How come when the whole squad is running away from a shootout is usually the guy with the fewer kills or none getting downed first. (I'm talking about a squad of friends for example where all of them mostly has the same lvl at the game)

4-How come most games are won by the squad that has the most kills? 90% of the time

5-They don't show the add-ons of the gun from the spectated player because then people would be asking questions when they get insta killed and the fucking gun was naked

6-TTK decreases with higher kill count as the tittle reads not only that but like I said before magically bullets don't seem to hit you as often. But when you got no kills… bro you peek at an enemy and get shoot huge dmg on the other hand when you got kills man you can go in the middle of the field with no cover and somehow the enemies MISS A LOT

7-Some people would think that the excuse which pretty sure is what Respawn is ready to exploit is this: (It's not the GAME is YOU that you get MOTIVATED and get SUPERMAN reflex all of a sudden), that is BS since I have recorded my self games where I get killed fast and games where I manage to do 15 kills or plus and I had watched the replay of the good matches and bad ones, same way of aiming, movement, etc…

PD: If you jumped into a location where there were no enemies and you go around loot and you get the good loot, lvl 3 armor and so on, now lets say there 4 squads left because for whatever reason you did not engage and guess what? Boom! The first squad you encounter they kill you pretty ez, this happens 8 out of 10 times when is mid-end game and is the first fight. Now again the excuse some might think, (That is because you are not warm…etc) sure after I been playing for the whole afternoon.

*Now the BIG question, why is Respawn doing this? Why would the implement this system to their game. For the very first principle that rules every gambling game, Addiction. If you play 10 games and you just do what your real skill is capable of plus what the variables of the game are you be very stable 1, 2, 2, 3,…kills but with the system they got your average player even your friend that one that sux can pull out a 7+ kill game and guess what? Now he is hooked chasing the rabbit because now he is thinking hey I´m not bad! I am just being unlucky man, i just did a 7 kill game, yep!

If this system wasn't in placed the situations that are the ones that keep players hooked wouldn't happen so often therefore what they wanna make sure is that they got a controlled scenario for players to keep playing the more the better.


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