Interactive materials pickup delay and monster loot drop delay….why?

So you pluck/pick up the berry or flint only to drop it immediately so you can pick it back up again, huh? Guess the realm of valheim applies permanent slippy oil to your hands cuz Odin likes a good laugh!

You kill the monster but have to wait for his body to go poof to get what was on his person? Okay MAYBE you could say this has something to do with the mythical realm but come on that is just an irritating mechanic. The interactive materials aren’t too bad cuz at least they drop immediately after you pick em, but it takes awhile for the bodies to pop sometimes and I hate to leave this deer body to go hunt the one that was next to it since I might chase him far then have trouble finding where the items dropped from the last one.

Lastly, structure integrity resetting for the connected group to “high” then gradually dropping to the actual integrity and breaking 15 seconds later? This ones just a bug though right? Hate testing a few pieces to see if my structure changes helped, waiting a little like “oh nice it held” only to hear it come down while I started on something else lol


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