We got what we asked for. (PK)

First of all, this isn’t a discussion about whether or not the PK and other shotguns are balanced after the buff. We can save that for the dozens of daily posts on the topic.

As the title says, we got what we asked for and I feel like it’s going over everyone’s head. When the new map came out, the next weeks consisted of everyone complaining about the campy/ slow paced/ sniping meta. So they put out a very powerful option to encourage close range fights. They knew what they were doing and it worked! The meta shifted to a more fast paced close up play style. They realized people weren’t crazy about how games were playing on the new map, and the best way to fix it was to put out a gun that enabled the kind of gameplay people were saying they wanted.

Once again, I’m not arguing one way or another about how balanced the PK is, I actually find it interesting that nobody complains about the Eva-8 too. It can do 100ish damage on headshots and has a much faster fire rate. All I’m saying is that we got what we asked for, and nobody acknowledged it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dz95r3/we_got_what_we_asked_for_pk/

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