We need a “group up” Ping.

I know the Legends kind of say similar stuff, especially when they're spread out or one is outside the circle, but as someone who plays Solo and barely uses his mic it's frustrating how often teammates go off on their own or don't pay attention to the ring. I'm a team player. I'm that kind of player who will:

1) give everything to go for a revive

2) pick up your chip and bring it to a Beacon as soon as I can. I'll only do mild looting first if I need meds, ammo and shields to get there

3) I pay close attention to what my teammates need. If they need a hub up I'll keep that in mind and even try to find one often times.

4) I'll always be close to my teammates no matter what.

5) I always drop meds, ammo and shields for them, even when they didn't ask for them

All in all, I just need a way to tell my team, "hey, we should stick together" or "let's group up" or at the very least let me warn them that they're too far or that the ring will get them or something. The Pings in this game are excellent, and that's the only thing I feel like it's missing from there. Add that, and playing Solo with Randos would be much more tolerable.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ddu9sc/we_need_a_group_up_ping/

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