New player’s perspective on the scav timer

I was going to comment this on someone else's post, but after writing several paragraphs I decided to post it myself.

I have bought this game earlier today. My first impression is that I find it very annoying that I can't even learn the game without waiting 20 minutes between runs. And before anyone says that I should just play PMC and be careful, sure, I could do that, and I did do that for a while.

That was until I realized that I wasn't losing because I was worse than the other players, I realized that I was losing because I didn't know the layout of the map, I didn't know my surroundings and I didn't know where to extract. Which discouraged me, and probably other new players, from playing simply because it's a nigh guaranteed loss when I don't know where to extract. Again, I have no clue where extraction points are because I started playing earlier today.

This is why Scav is good, especially for beginners, because I can take my time for the first couple of days and explore the maps, figure out where things are, where to go and where to extract from. Problem is that I can only ever do that once, maybe twice an hour if I speedrun dying.

Imagine for a second if you booted up your very first game of R6 or CS and the game told you to take a 20 minute break after playing your first ever round. You would expect that kind of mechanic from a mobile game, not a title that starts at 45 euro including transaction fees and VAT.

I wouldn't even mind the 20 min timer if there was some kind of "practice" or "quick match" mode isolated from the main game modes with no rewards to speak of which players can do between runs simply to learn the game. And if there is then it should be more clearly advertised.


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