We need something new that could change and incentive this br!!

Srry about that😅

For the love of game development and evolution can we please come up with something even slightly game-changing/ evolutionary to the concept of battle royale?

I realize this sounds like I’m asking for flying pigs, but gaaaawd damn there has to be something besides battle pass rewards, an odd shift on weapon hop ups and changes, and ridiculously over priced skins that can sway this already awesome br into the mother of all games… And that my friends, is why there should be some sort of passive skill tree!!!

Come on! It’s obvious these sort of games want role based characters, but the “role” aspect being so… barely existent. Damage increase/reduction does not simply define one’s role. If there were a more detailed and multi-faceted skill tree that would effect our game in some way, I think it would create more a luring factor to the game. I love slaying out, and am still am appreciative of the violence, speed and momentum Respawn and Apex have brought to the BR world, but give us some fresh bones out here y’all!!! Us gamers are dogs and need to be thrown a new bone every once in awhile 😉

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