We should have a freeroam/friendly game mode

Honestly this would be for players or people who just want to explore the map or goof around with friends or other players. More casual and fun.

  • Like, there would still be weapons and things, so you could kill someone, but they could just respawn themselves to explore the map even more. Maybe have a 3D voice chat system on that mode?

  • And maybe if the flyers come back and the Leviathans invade Kings canyon we could hunt them down and get like legend tokens or Apex coins, or for just for a tracker (Ex: [Flyers killed: #] or [Leviathans killed: #])

  • Also, please add Attachments and items (like backpacks, mags, barrel mods, etc) to the training mode, so players can practice or experiment with different load outs and kits. and maybe have an option to be in the tutorial world longer, or to skip all the instructions (after you went thru the tutorial once)

I have nothing else to suggest, thanks for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c5hmob/we_should_have_a_freeroamfriendly_game_mode/

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