The myth of WG hating german tanks

I don't get why people still claim WG somehow hates german tanks. While yes the country has some stinkers (lights lol) most of the tanks that are bad are bad mostly because they are old and got powecreeped not because they are bad from new.

The country still has:

– Top2 Tier9 med- Leo PTA

– CW Worthy T10 light in Leo 1

– E50 was a pub meta tank until very recently and it's still decent

– Maus is still decent if annoying while VK1001p is OP as shit

– Jtiger is underrated and I'd argue it's above average or even good (3 marked it yesterday). Ferdie has idiotic weakspots but the HP pool, wide gun arc mean the tank still kinda works.

– Tiger I is still good it's just paper

– Paper TD line is still average to above average outside of ST Emil


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