What do you hate or love about this game?

There's been ups and downs in this sub Reddit and I just want to a have a line on weather what's good and bad about this game.
I've been playing since day 1 so I have a large list of likes and dislikes for this game, definitely what's current.

•Skill Based Matchmaking or SBMM for short.
Since duos was out of the game, I've been having a hard time playing the game as a decent player, not only have I been getting paired with lower levels such as 40 and below, but getting paired against players with Predators badge, 20 kill badge, 4k damage badge, and players with kills over 9k. Usually this would be Ranked and wouldn't take a second look. But this is pubs, suddenly the whole thing has been turned into a sweaty competition with people who are sponsored by Scuff or RedBull™. New players are able to experience the game because these types of players. Now you could say he could player ranked but it's gotten to the point where both modes are the exact same thing only difference one is ranked and one is public. Some would say to git gud which is used by most people who don't experience it. But it's not always about getting good.

•I do like the firing range, and the next update that allows up to turn on friendly fire is nice. Hoping they could add parts of the map where players would be able to train.

•I don't like the fact that I have to restart to 100 to yet again grind to 500. (Or at least that what I have heard. Feel free to correct me on that)

•Gibby (Gibraltar)
Now, I don't hate the players who used them, just the character it self, having a blue armor shield + another shield is a bit to much. I have died many times from Gibby because I didn't have a bigger clip to tear through the gun shield and his shield.

Anyone has their likes and dislikes about this game?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e3lvt9/what_do_you_hate_or_love_about_this_game/

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