What is your experience with conflicting play styles in teammates?

I have 2 friends that I play with everyday, the thing is we all have different play styles. We get things done but it’s sometimes very hard. I am very aggressive, as I like to play the same way I get killed the most, getting pushed really hard and fast. So I feel if I die like that, I should do it to others. My 2nd squad mate is really conservative, he wants to run away from gun shots and wants to hide and not want to see anyone the whole match. My 3rd mate is in between the two, he is really balanced and does what he thinks is needed. We still get wins pretty often and I usually lead the team in damage/kills. When we lose it’s usually to us all doing our own thing.

But I’m wondering, what are your experiences like with your squad mates if y’all play different?

Edit: I want to add I main Wraith and Pathfinder, 2nd mate has only ever played Bloodhound, and 3rd plays Lifeline

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/c3ti8l/what_is_your_experience_with_conflicting_play/

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