What’s your favorite weapon for each weapon type?

I'm just wondering what everyone's personal favorites are.

Assault Rifle: HAVOC Rifle

The HAVOC rifle is my favorite assault rifle. Though it takes a bit of time for it to start firing, the damage is REALLY good. Plus, it deals double the damage with a headshot instead of something like 1.75x. I just wish the selectfire for this weapon wasn't so… Trash.

Sub Machine Gun: Prowler

I love the prowler! It deals a super high amount of damage in burst mode, and it doesn't run out of ammo that fast, especially with a heavy mag.

Light Machine Gun: L-Star

I know, unpopular opinion, but even though the L-Star is technically the worst LMG, it's the only LMG I'm good with. I just cannot get used to the recoil of the Spitfire and ESPECIALLY the Devotion. The recoil pattern for the L-Star is extremely simple. It just swerves upwards in a backwards S shape. Plus, your victim can't see shit when you're shooting the L-Star at them. And with a holo optic, the muzzle flash isn't as bad.

Shotgun: EVA-8 with Double Tap Trigger

I'm just gonna be honest… I rarely ever pick up shotguns. I suck at using them. But when I find an EVA-8 and a double tap trigger conveniently placed together in the same spot, I'm totally gonna pick it up if I don't really like the weapon I currently have. There's nothing more satisfying than double tapping an enemy with a cracked shield.

Sniper Rifle: Charge Rifle

My guilty pleasure of a weapon. I know, everyone hates the charge rifle. And that's why I like it so much. It's literally the most annoying gun in the game! And I love being annoying to enemies. Plus, the charge rifle is super easy to use! It is a hitscan weapon, and it has no projectile drop whatsoever, so you can laser enemies to death from across the map! I'm still pretty glad it got nerfed though. The season 3 charge rifle was literally disgusting. It was as balanced as a fat guy on a tightrope.

Pistol: Wingman

Ah, my favorite weapon in the game! THE WINGMAN! I swear, I'm not a TTV. I don't even have Twitch. But oh my god, the wingman is satisfying to land shots with. Its iron sights are disgustingly good, its damage per shot is good (but not its damage per second), and using this weapon just makes you feel like a badass.

And now I'm just gonna do least favorites for the heck of it. You don't have to though.

Assault Rifle: VK-47 Flatline

I. Can't. Aim. For. SHIT. For some reason, every time I use the flatline, I freaking miss every shot. I don't even know why, the flatline's recoil isn't even that bad. I guess I just have really bad luck using it. And that's even more odd considering my favorite AR is the Havoc.

Small Machine Gun: Alternator

I think it's pretty obvious that the alternator is the worst SMG. Though its hipfire is nice, it has good iron sights, and it has good ADS movement speed, it gets way outdamaged by other SMGs.

Light Machine Gun: Spitfire

I know I said my aim with the spitfire is better than the devotion, but I still like the devotion better.

Shotgun: Mastiff

13 damage. Every time. Why…

Sniper Rifle: Longbow

I just really suck with the Longbow for some reason. I'd rather pick up a Sentinel or a Triple Take. Unless I find a skullpiercer.

Pistol: RE-45

My personal least favorite. I can't do anything with the RE-45 for some reason. It just feels like a discount R-99 to me.

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