When is the skill gap too much to make the game fun?

I've been playing for a couple of weeks and have been watching the sbmm being tweaked, in the different modes, and taking screen caps of my teammates/Champion squad.

Not every match, but I've screen grabbed over 50 of my teams and championship teams.

I'm at the stage in the game where I don't care about kd or wins. I've unlocked 2 legends and have about 60 kills sprinkled between all the legends. I'm trying out guns, finding new locations, getting accustomed to each legend's powers.

To those that have played for awhile, what would you consider the largest gap in experience/skill that you can overcome in opponents? Not to win, but to learn the game and have fun?

For example:

I'll have opponents with 500 kills, 1k, 3k, and so on.

When those banners come up and it shows me at 13 kills for a certain legend, and the championship squad at 1326 kills, 553 kills, and 1692 kills I know that I'm not going to learn the game or have much fun.

I understand why it happens, just wondering a veteran's opinion on when the experience gap is too large to overcome?

From a platinum IV player's perspective, for example, what might they consider the largest gap to still achieve what they are looking for from the game, and still have the gaming experience worthwhile?

I know simply putting kills vs kills doesn't clearly tell you which player has more skill, as one could simply grind longer, but I'm using kills, ranked levels as a sort of measurement.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ef7xhe/when_is_the_skill_gap_too_much_to_make_the_game/

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